Nomodo vs. Railway: Deciding on Medusa Backend Deployment

Both Nomodo and Railway offer solutions for deploying a Medusa.js e‑commerce backend. These platforms aim to simplify the traditionally complex process of establishing and managing an e‑commerce infrastructure.

Both platforms strive to streamline the deployment process, but they differ in their approach. This comparison aims to delineate which platform provides not only the essential infrastructure but also the additional capabilities to enhance your online store.



Nomodo enables Medusa.js deployment in one click. The setup includes pre-configured backend, admin with TLS, SSH, and monitoring. Users have the option to select from various cloud providers or to use their own VPS. The registration process is simple, with no credit card required and a 14-day full trial.


Railway also provides a platform for Medusa.js deployment, offering a $5 credit to trial their services. Credits are used as soon as an instance is activated and continue to be used even when instances are paused. There is an option to choose the region of deployment.

Compare by Price

Price14-day trial $15 monthly
no additional fees
$5 trial credit $5 monthly
plus resource usage
Cost saving
you decide when/what to pause
network-triggered container pause (option)
No credit card
Registration ease
Deployment ease
one click, all in one

containers sequential setup
Medusa.js ready-to-use
separate containers
Medusa.js config in admin~
Reverse proxy and load balancer on TLS/SSL~
Choose cloud provider
AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.
Choose region
Git integration
Health check~
For detailed pricing information, refer to provider’s pricing page.

Compare by Feature

What developers saying?

Overall i liked this stuff. As I said everything was right there. Very simplified and to the point.
Sam-K aka bit_sync_blues
Yes i did try Railway, but it was buggy for me. Nomodo its eazier.
PREDATOR aka predator_dev

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