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Why pick Grav for your project?

Grav is a modern flat-file CMS built on PHP. It offers a flexible and modular architecture allowing developers to create websites tailored to their needs. Grav delivers an API-driven approach to website development, making integrating with other systems and services accessible. It also includes comprehensive features such as asset management, user management, and more. Grav is licensed under the MIT license.

Give it a try! Grav has well-made documentation and a rich plugin library. It follows a file-based architecture, meaning there's no need for a database to store your content. This approach gives you the flexibility and convenience to independently manage, scale, and maintain different parts of your website application. You can speed up your work with all-in-one packages called Skeletons, which contain the core Grav system, sample pages, plugins, and configuration. The gallery of themes is also worth mentioning.

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Grav Hosting Plans

7-day free trial. No credit card needed.

Grav Starter

Affordable & Reliable

$15 per
25% off (was $20)
  1. Grav Pre-Installed
  2. Secure Shared Hosting
  3. Shared Resources
  4. Free SSL Certificate
  5. Basic Customer Support

Grav Standard

Fast and Optimised Experience

$30 per
25% off (was $40)
  1. Everything in Starter
  2. Secure Managed Hosting
  3. Customer Support
  4. Fast SSD storage
  5. Unlimited Traffic

Grav Performance

High-performing isolated resources

$60 per
33% off (was $90)
  1. Everything in Standard
  2. Isolated Resources
  3. Dedicated Customer Support

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