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Nomodo multi-cloud platform gives you the access to the powerhouses of cloud infrastructure – AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and others – all managed seamlessly from one centralized hub.

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We are launching beta test for selected group of developers.

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Create VPS across global infrastructure

Manage the creation of your virtual servers from one place. Choose from a wide range of hardware and server locations. VPS are ready in a few clicks.

Wide range of apps one‑click deployment

Developers can choose from various popular dev tools, databases, and run-time environments to start creating seamlessly. All applications are available with just one click.

Be the first to try it out!

We are launching beta test for selected group of developers.

Solving Your Development Challenges

  • Frontend developers

    Say goodbye to database setup and devops intricacies.

  • Team leaders

    Eliminate deployment complexities for your team.

  • Anyone exploring open-source apps

    Instantly deploy without diving into documentation.

  • Backend developers

    Minimize time spent on devops, focus on code.

  • Architects

    Avoid infrastructure lock-in with flexibility across providers.

  • CTO

    Prevent vendor lock-in and ensure your business remains agile.

Simplify Your Workflow

  • Swift Migration

    Effortlessly move between cloud providers with smooth migration.

  • Super easy deployment

    Instantly set up VPS or deploy popular applications with just one click for immediate use.

  • Adaptive growth

    Scale your operations effortlessly, backed by real-time monitoring to ensure peak performance.

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