Medusa in one click

Simple and reliable hosting for e‑commerce platform. One click away from focusing on your products and sellling. No credit card, no installation, no configuration, no maintenance. We’ll do all the heavy lifting.

What is included

  • Managed dedicated VPS hosting for your MedusaJS
  • Access to VPS over SSH and SFTP
  • Ready-to-use MedusaJS application
  • Node.js configured with npm and Medusa-CLI
  • WWW server with reverse proxy and load balancer on TLS/SSL
  • Admin panel: for editing goods and e-shop configuration
  • Next.js Storefront: for presenting your goods to customers
  • Pre-configured PostgreSQL database

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We are launching beta test for selected group of developers.

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One Click Installation

Experience hassle-free setup with our one-click installation. Your dedicated VPS comes ready with Medusa Admin and Storefront, along with all the essentials like PostgreSQL and Node.js fully configured.

14-Day Free Trial

Explore the possibilities of Medusa without any financial commitment. Our 14-day free trial does not require a credit card, giving you the freedom to experiment with our powerful features without worry.

Powerful Control Panel

Get instant access to a range of tools with our powerful control panel. Manage your Medusa storefront, admin panel, PostgreSQL database and more, including FTP and traffic statistics, all in one place.

Unmetered Bandwidth

Don't let traffic limits hold you back. Our unmetered bandwidth ensures that your site can handle any amount of traffic, giving you the freedom to grow and expand without restrictions.

SSL Certificate

Secure your e-shop and build customer confidence with our SSL Certificate. It enhances site security, not only protecting sensitive data, but also building trust with your visitors.

99% Uptime Guarantee

Reliability is key to success, and our 99% uptime guarantee ensures that your site will always be available. We prioritise keeping your site online, so availability is the last thing you need to worry about.

Why pick Medusa for your project?

Medusa is an open-source headless e‑commerce platform built on Node.js. It provides a flexible and modular architecture allowing developers to build e‑commerce solutions tailored to their needs. Medusa delivers an API-driven approach to e‑commerce development, making integrating with other systems and services accessible. It also includes comprehensive features such as product management, checkout flows, order management, and more. Medusa is licensed under the MIT license.

Medusa is a modern e‑commerce platform with fine documentation and a rich plugin library. It follows a headless architecture with separate backend (core), administration panel, and frontend Storefront repositories. This approach grants you the flexibility and convenience to independently upgrade, scale, and maintain different parts of your e‑commerce application. However, managing and configuring multiple repositories can be a challenge. Our solution eliminates this hurdle and makes the process more streamlined. Give it a try!

Medusa doesn't fit?

We have got you covered. Check out our pre-configured e-commerce solutions.

Maximize potential of Medusa.

Do you need advanced, real-time capabilities and complex data handling? Redis is the way to go. Integrating Redis with Medusa will significantly uplift the performance and efficiency of your application. For detailed info, follow the implementation steps.

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A glimpse of the future

Daily Backups

Your data's safety is paramount. That's why we provide automatic daily backups, allowing you to restore your data to any state from the past seven days with ease and confidence.

Medusa + Redis

Ready-made Medusa with configured Redis for advanced, real-time capabilities and complex data handling.

Disaster Recovery

Be prepared for any eventuality. Our disaster recovery system includes automatic failovers to an available datacenter region, ensuring continuity and resilience.

Dynamic Scaling

Adapt to your changing needs effortlessly. Our dynamic scaling options allow your resources to flex with your demand, ensuring optimal performance at all times.

Custom Alerts and OS Patching

Stay informed and secure with real-time monitoring and maintenance. Our system provides custom alerts and regularly patches your OS to ensure top-notch security.

Security and Data Protection

Data encryption using your own keys for added security. Support for FIPS 140-2 validated cryptographic modules for data encryption at rest, and TLS 1.2 for data in transit.

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