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No installation, no configuration, no maintance. In one click or API call within few seconds.We’ve got you solved.

  1. Pick from our extensive list of databases, load balancers, monitoring tools, CMS, CRM etc. All apps are open source. No credit card.
  2. Click Wait for few seconds. for spin-up fully configured app.
  3. Use Connect to the app from the web interface or use connection strings to embed it into your workflow.

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One solution.
One platform for all.

Take control of your online services! Easily manage via API, CLI or web Admin with no fuss around maintenance, security or billing complications. Select from our comprehensive range—databases, load balancers, run-time environments and beyond.
Unlock your potential and save time! It’s easier than ever to get the app you need. Snap up access in one click, plus login credentials in three seconds: no ugly surprises or hidden fees here—just total transparency with straightforward pricing.
Publishers and content creators
Run your CMS without the hassle! Our Admin makes multiple managing instances a breeze. At the same time, power users can set up separate databases or load balancers to get more control and performance. Get creative with ease today—no complex set-up required!
Are you overloaded by requests for new apps, servers or environments? We have a solution without the hidden fees of complicated pricelists! Platform replaces all tedious work with AWS, GCP or Heroku. Enterprise users can benefit from the unique ability to run our platform on any hardware, including your private servers.
Software houses
With our advanced infrastructure, your developers by themself can efficiently run services to meet the specific needs of any project. Our system has no limits—everything is accessible through an easy-to-use API or CLI. Let us take care of all the complexities—no extra knowledge or DevOps is needed.
Educators and academic
Get ahead of the curve and run/share ready-made apps from your courses in a fraction of the time! Our API gives you instant access to apps, run-time environments, and more—so skip over tedious installation procedures. Plus, with automation galore, there has never been an easier way towards success—save yourself precious minutes today!
Affiliate marketers
Be part of something great! Join our partner program today and get your share of the IT industry’s profits! With access to an expansive tech sphere, you could be harvesting money in no time.

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