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80% of users don’t use the software if they have to deploy it by themselves, as opposed to a free one‑button test.

  • Run your software as demos or paid SaaS service.
  • Seamless integration to your website and systems.
  • Complete control of resources and instances.
  • App bundles that enhance the value of services.
  • Fully scalable and performant.
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Start small
deploy button

Ready-made October CMS Run 7 day trial. No credit cards. Ejecutar PostgreSQL 一键运行 DokuWiki ⭐ קבל את ScyllaDB שרתי האיחוד האירופי.
10 דולר לחודש.

Quick check.

  • Struggling with demos?
  • Need impressive demos fast?
  • Want to distribute your product efficiently?
  • Cater to unique client needs?
  • Want to scale your business?

Spread your software.

Start small. The base function is to spin up ready-made software with our deploy button for placing anywhere on websites. Additionally, we can set multiple variants of behaviour as live cycles of the instances, computational resource allocation and more.

We’ll grow with you. API access allows you complete deployment, management, and billing control.

Is it going wild? We are white-label ready. Get your cloud deployment solution with us! Rebrand and sell our software without caring about infrastructure or scaling.

What we expect?

Provide us with installation information or a link to the Git repository. Special requirements and wild wishes and expectations are welcome. We’ll take care of the rest.

What we want?

We want to find a partner who provides us with media support, at least a mention on the official website. We are not interested in “cashing in” for running the software. We build.

See it in action.

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Run your server

Apache Kafka

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