Use Case: Run SRS with one click by the webpage button

According to research, 80% of users abandon software if they have to go through the hassle of deploying it themselves. That’s where comes in, providing a user-friendly solution that allows users to effortlessly deploy SRS in just three seconds with the click of a button.

Journey to try SRS


  1. Find documentation
  2. Search how to run in cloud
  3. Explore possibilibilities Excellent, they have plenty of options to deploy and run. Let’s try them.
    1. aaPanel — seems promising, but I need to have a working Linux server in the cloud with CentOS 7+ or Ubuntu 20+ and install aaPanel. Another requirement is NGINX. After that I can install SRS.
      No time for that
    2. TencentCloud CVM​
      Some Chinese page
    3. DigitalOcean Droplet — finally?
      Credit card is required
  4. Search for another software or find DevOps guy or fellow software engineer and ask for help.


  1. Click on Run button
  2. Open SRS admin and use

What SRS asked for

But that’s not all. The button visuals can be customized to match various websites’ designs, ensuring a seamless user experience. SRS also wants two button variants, one that provides a fully configured 7-day trial with automatic deletion and another that allows users to prolong their trial period up to 14 days after logging in with Google OAuth. And with the help of’s API, SRS can fully control instances and get more information about demographics.

• • •
Run 7-day demo of SRS
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[Run SRS from GitHub page
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[Run SRS from GitHub page

Wrap up

Say goodbye to the headache of installation and configuration. With, SRS has gained an easy and convenient solution allowing users to try their software hassle-free. And as SRS grows, is ready to grow with them, even offering a white-label solution for a seamless user experience and converting users to customers.

Jaroslav Vrana

Partnership, CC. As a Senior Frontend Developer, I understand the struggles of developers and businesses and pride myself that I have the opportunity to help with running any application on the Internet without DevOps knowledge or an internal IT team. Let’s work together and create something great!

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