New GitHub Integration for MedusaJS Developers on Nomodo

Starting this week, we're enhancing your MedusaJS experience on Nomodo with direct GitHub integration. This update is all about making your development process as easy and efficient as possible.

What's new in this GitHub integration release

  • Direct GitHub sync: Push and deploy your code directly from GitHub. Manage merges and updates without switching tools.
  • Ready-to-Code MedusaJS application: Jump right into coding with a pre-configured MedusaJS setup that saves you time from the start.
  • Simple admin panel: Quickly adjust product peoperties and manage your store with an interface designed for developers.
  • Optimised Node.js and PostgreSQL setup: Everything is set up for you, from npm your Node.js environment to a ready-to-use PostgreSQL database.
  • High Performance Hosting: Benefit from our WWW server with built-in security and speed features, including a reverse proxy and load balancer on
  • Redis Integration: Improve site responsiveness and scalability with pre-integrated Redis caching.TLS/SSL.
  • Easy Environment Management: Our tools make it easy to configure environment variables to streamline your setup process.
  • 10‑day free trial plus special pricing: Try without commitment and take advantage of introductory pricing starting at just $10/month for early adopters.

Join the beta and start developing

Ready to cut development time and streamline your workflow? Sign up now! to join our private beta and be among the first to use our new GitHub integration.

Thanks to all our beta testers for their insights!

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Jaroslav Vrana

Partnership, CC. As a Senior Frontend Developer, I understand the struggles of fellow developers and pride myself that I can effectively help save time and frustration with deployments.

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